Budget and Planning

University Centers is committed to providing UC San Diego students and community with the best possible facilities, services and programs. On this page, you will find information about the University Centers' budget and facility planning.

2018-2019 Budget

Budget FY2018-19 - UCAB Approved
Facility Projects FY2018-19 - UCAB Approved


2017-2018 Budget Impact

2016-2017 Budget Impact

2015-2016 Budget Impact

2014-2015 Budget Impact

2013-2014 Budget Impact

2012-2013 Budget Impact

2011-2012 Budget Impact

Student Usage and Priority Survey (2012)

University Centers conducted a survey of students to learn more about their usage of University Centers' facilities, services and programs, and how they would prioritize which services should be retained, reduced significantly, or eliminated to help balance the budget. The survey was sent to a randomized sample of 8,000 undergraduate and graduate/professional students in a ratio proportional to enrollment. The results are available below.

Quick Summary: All Respondents
Survey Results: All Respondents
Survey Results: Graduate/Professional Students Only
Survey Results: Undergraduate Students Only

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Analyses of Price Center East, Price Center West, Student Center A, Che Facility, and Crafts Center were conducted by the ISES Corporation, an independent third-party expert in facilities management. Facilities condition reports provide University Centers with information for ten year capital planning of needed maintenance, repair, replacement and renovation of its facilities. Information gathered through the facility condition analysis process is incorporated into the more comprehensive Long Term Facility Maintenance Plan (FY2015-16 to FY2024-2025).

Price Center East (Read Report)

Price Center West (Read Report)

Student Center (Read Report)

Che Facility (Read Report)

Crafts Center (Read Report)