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About the Union

Who We Are

UCEN student workers

University Centers—the Price Center & Student Center—is the heart and soul of UC San Diego. Both centers enhance campus life, offering places to eat, shop, play, relax, meet, study, nap, socialize, and belong!

Price Center

Price CenterThe heart of our campus, Price Center is the main meeting ground for Tritons. Here you’ll find anything students may need—markets, coffee shops/eateries, study spaces, computer labs, concert venues, a movie theater, and more. Price Center was voted 8th on Best College Review’s list of 25 Most Awesome Student Unions

Student Center

Student CenterThe soul of our campus, Student Center was the original student union founded in the 1960s. Located between Mandeville Hall and Main Gym, the Student Center shows off UCSD’s roots, with a laid-back, earthy vibe. Here you’ll find student-run eateries, a general store, study spaces, meeting rooms, and more. The Student Center is also home to various organizations and departments, such as the Black Resource Center, Student Veterans Resource Center, LGBT Resource Center, The Hub, a basic needs center and more.


Student Union Auxiliaries

starbuckjob.jpg University Centers operates two retail services:  Starbucks @ Price Center and Campus Bike & Skate at Student Center. Both are managed and run by UC San Diego students and staff, offering everyone on campus great service, selection, and pricing.