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Mission & Values

Mission of the University Centers

As a student-centered organization, University Centers supports the UC San Diego community with quality facilities, services, and programs that foster and enrich the campus experience and student learning.

Adopted by the University Centers Advisory Board, May 16, 2011; reaffirmed 2018

Values of the University Centers

In accomplishing its mission, the University Centers values:

  • Community—fostering a climate that is welcoming to all, and providing a variety of places where students can find a sense of belonging, balance their academic pursuits, and engage in open expression
  • Learning—providing activities, services, and spaces that compliment students’ educational pursuits and support student learning outside the classroom
  • Hospitality—serving our guests and making them feel welcome and comfortable; going beyond what is expected to deliver excellent service
  • Student Participation—consulting students through assessment, student employment, and volunteer advisory board
  • Adaptability—responding in a flexible and timely manner to address the needs and interests of current and future students
  • Clean and Safe Facilities—providing facilities that are well-maintained, clean, and safe
  • Sustainability—considering future impacts and long-term viability of our facilities, services, and programs
  • Team Development—providing the tools and training for our team members to successfully fulfill their roles; fostering an environment that supports collaboration and innovation