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Message from AS President, Manu Agni and GPSA President, Brian Lattimore:

Get boosted, get bucks.

In support of the health and well-being of all Tritons, any UC San Diego student who receives and documents their booster dose by March 1st will receive $10 in Triton Cash to be used at any campus vendor that accepts Triton Cash.

University Centers and Student Affairs have partnered with Associated Students (AS) and the Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) to fund this initiative, and encourage you to get boosted – if eligible – so that we can safely return to in-person living and learning experiences at UC San Diego.

Tritons, if you have not yet received your booster, please make your appointment today. Then, fill out the quick sign-up form below to get $10 in BOOSTER BUCKS loaded on to your Triton Cash account!

Easy as 1, 2, 3 = $10 Triton Cash

  1. Get Boosted!
  2. Upload your documentation in MyStudentChart, just like you did for your vaccination ONLY IF YOU WERE BOOSTED AT A NON-UC San Diego Provider. Otherwise, all you need to do is fill out the form below, and you're set!
  3. Fill out this Booster Bucks Authorization Form to allow your booster information to be shared with Triton Card Accounts Services, so that we can appropriately credit your account. 



1. Can anyone receive Booster Bucks?

Only registered UC San Diego students are eligible for this program.

2. When will my Booster Bucks show up on my Triton Cash account?

First, make sure you fill out the Booster Authorization Form, which will allow Triton Card Accounts Services access to your booster information so your account can be credited. It may take up to 14 days until funds are available. You will receive an email notification that funds have been loaded.

3. I’m not on campus right now, so I won’t be able to use my Booster Bucks. Do the funds expire?

Booster Bucks can be used until the end of June 2022.


Other questions? Email


Funding provided by

University Centers, Student Affairs, Associated Students and Graduate & Professional Student Association