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Vegan & Vegetarian Options

Looking for a quick, tasty, vegetarain or vegan meal?  

Your Student Union has lots of options for eating healthy and sustainably! In fact, UC San Diego has been named one of the most "vegan-friendly" colleges. 

Use this quick list to find your next vegan or vegetarain meal at Your Student Union! 

Click here for a printable version!

Menu items subject to change. 

 Key Terms: 

  • Vegetarian: Made without meat products of any kind
  • Vegan: Made without animal products of any kind (no meat products, dairy, or eggs)
  • Customizable: Usually made with animal products but can be made without on request

Blue Pepper Asian Cuisine

  •       Vegetarian: Tofu pad thai, green salad, other options clearly labeled on the menu
  •       Vegan: Clearly labeled on the menu
  •       Customizable: Request dishes to be made with tofu
Burger King
  •       Vegetarian: MorningStar veggie burger, Impossible Whopper
  •       Vegan: Garden side salad, french fries, onion rings


  • Vegetarian: Salads without meat, vegetarian sandwich
  • Vegan: Farmhouse rice, vegetable and minestrone soup, ALL dressings except: ranch/fiesta ranch, Caesar, blue cheese, honey mustard, Greek feta, and poppyseed
  • Customizable: Most salads can be made without cheese/meat and with dressings that are vegan. The vegetarian sandwich can also be made vegan without cheese and ranch dressing.

Food Co-Op

  • Everything offered at the food co-op is vegan! Daily items include sambusas from Red Sambusas, tamales, and acai bowls. Different hot food options made each day.


  • Vegetarian: All items except breakfast wraps
  • Vegan: Smoothies without sherbet (fruits and veggie smoothies), fruit juices, cinnamon apple pretzel, energy vowls without yogurt. NOT vegan: cold brew blends, chocolate moo’d, matcha, whey protein, and energy bowls with yogurt.
  • Customizable: many smoothies can be made with substitute ingredients, ask the cashier what is possible

Lemongrass Farm Fresh Plates

  •       Vegetarian: Tofu pad thai, tofu fried rice
  •       Vegan: All grilled plates, salads, wraps, and sandwiches with tofu, peanut sauce
  •       Customizable: Pad thai and fried rice can be made vegan (no egg) on request

Panda Express

  • Panda Express does not have any vegetarian dishes; all dishes are cooked in the same wok with meat dishes and some vegetable dishes are made with chicken stock.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill

  • Vegetarian: Bean & cheese burrito, burrito especial with veggies, cheese or veggie quesadilla, veggie tacos, all salads and bowls (without meat)
  • Customizable: vegetarian options can be made vegan on request if ordered without sour cream, cheese, or sauce. Ask the cashier what is possible.

Santorini Greek Island Grill

  • Vegetarian: Breakfast items without meat, main dishes with falafel, fetafries, volcano fries, salads
  • Vegan: Main dishes with falafel, hummus, pita, rice pilaf, french fries, veggie platter
  • Customizable: Items can be made with falafel (vegan) and without feta cheese

 Seed + Sprout

  • Vegetarian: Breakfast Hash, Acai Bowl, and Buddha Bowl
  • Vegan: Heartbeets Bowl; all bases, vegetables, tofu, and all sauces except Kale Avocado.
  • Customizable: Build your own bowl


  • Vegetarian: Tomato & mozzarella panini, cheese & fruit protein box, egg & cheese protein box, peanut butter & jelly box, spinach & feta egg white wrap, egg white & pepper sous-vide egg bites
  • Vegan: Oatmeal,  bagel options
  • Customizable: Vegan milk alternatives: almond, soy, or coconut milk. Ask your barista if your syrup is vegan.


  • Vegetarian: Veggie delite sandwich, caprese panini, egg & cheese breakfast wrap, vegetarian patty
  • Customizable: Build your own veggie delite sandwich

Taco Villa

  • Vegetarian: Cheese quesadilla, bean & cheese burritos, breakfast burritos, chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, potato tacos, rolled tacos
  • Vegan: bean burritos, avocado tacos/burritos
  • Customizable: Items can be made without cheese or sour cream

Tapioca Express

  • Vegetarian: Rice, drinks 
  • Vegan: All black and green (non milk) teas, boba balls
  • Customizable: Stir-fried tofu and vegetables contain oyster sauce, but can be made without it on request, to make it vegan

Sunshine Market

  • Sunshine Market offers a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian products, including sandwiches, salads, energy bars, snacks, drinks, and more.

Yogurt World

  • Vegetarian: All items
  • Vegan: Non-dairy yogurt and most toppings
  • Customizable: Build your own yogurt

Zanzibar at The Loft

  • Vegetarian: Health nut omelet, mediterranean veggie sandwich, caprese sandwich, mac & cheese, Vegetarian Chili, orzo salad, Beyond Burger
  • Vegan: Salads without cheese, all dressings
  • Customizable: All items (except orzo salad) customizable to be vegan or vegetarian