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Community building is woven through the historical and current ethos of University Centers. In 2020-21, in an environment of political divisiveness, civil unrest, and a global pandemic, our work became more focused on what community building means in the student union.


We revisited our Mission and Values with the University Centers Advisory Board, with our staff, and with our newly formed Antiracism Workgroup. Our community value was revised to inclusivity to better articulate what matters when it comes to community building:

  • Inclusivity—fostering a community that is anti-racist; supporting all people and their intersecting cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, religious, socioeconomic status, age, (dis)ability, and currently unnamed identities; providing a variety of places where students can find a sense of belonging, balance their academic pursuits, and engage in open expression; dedicated to the Student Life Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement.

University Centers Antiracism Workgroup


University Centers is committed to fostering an antiracist community. A newly formed Antiracism Workgroup —which includes members of our career and student staff as well as members from UCAB—met at least twice a quarter for topical discussion breakouts. Topics included:

  • Review the impact of current operations through an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion lens

  • Explore we can do to make our facilities, union resources, and opportunities more accessible to students

  • Identify and provide training and learning resources for our staff on antiracism, anti-blackness, and implicit bias

  • Discuss how to focus our event program and inclusive events and those that amplify BIPOC .

For more information, read about our ongoing commitment to creating an antiracist environment in our Antiracism Action Plan.

We welcome your constructive feedback, which may be sent to and


Over the past year University Centers had the pleasure of partnering with numerous campus departments and organizations. Programming for students through these partnerships helped build community through collaboration, innovation, expanded reach, and shared resources.




University Centers team members participate on numerous campus committees. 

  • Basic Needs Committee
  • Black History Month Planning Committee
  • Campus Events Council
  • Cesar Chávez Celebration Committee
  • COVID-19 University-wide Events Taskforce
  • Enhancing the Black Student Experience Committee
  • Epstein Family Amphitheater
  • ESR - Enterprise Events and Production Management
  • Marketing Council
  • Native American Heritage Month Committee (NAHM)
  • Performing Arts Committee
  • Retail Council
  • Student Center Placemaking Committee
  • Student Life EDI Statement Workgroup
  • Student Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC)
  • TAP Assessment & Review Workgroup
  • The Weeks of Welcome (TWOW) Committee
  • Triton Day Committee
  • Triton Fest Committee
  • UCSD E-Sports Collaboration/Partnership
  • VCSA Student Communications Team
  • Virtual Platform Proposal Committee
  • Wellness Partners