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Your Student Union offers creature comforts and amenities providing a home away from home for students on campus.

  • Study Rooms (Price Center East, Level 1) Available for reservation to students free of charge.
  • Commuter Lockers (Price Center and Student Center, Level 1) Available for students to rent by the quarter or school year.

  • Commuter Lounge & Kitchen (Price Center East, Level 1) Study tables and comfy couches; kitchen area with microwaves, sinks, and hot water dispensers.

YMas patio


Y Más! (Price Center East, Level 1 next to Burger King) Take a break in the festive colors and flavors of this Mexican-inspired patio and market. 





  • Commuter Fridge (Price Center, Level 2) A secure and monitored refrigerator, where students can stash lunches brought from home. Located in the gameroom. 
  • Lactation Room (Price Center West, Level 2) A clean, safe room for nursing mother mothers who need to breastfeed or express milk.  Access code required.       

  • Dance Studio (Price Center East, Level 2) Spacious mirrored studio space; Reservations required, Event Reservation & Information Center.

  • Contemplation Lounge (Price Center West, Level 3) A quiet space to meditate, reflect, pray, or ponder. 


Other amenities located throughout Price Center & Student Center include:

  • ATMs
  • Baby Changing Tables (in restrooms)
  • Computers/ Printers
  • Gender-Inclusive Restrooms
  • Hammocks 
  • Hydration Stations
  • Lounges  
  • Microwaves                                                                                     
  • Secure Phone Charging Stations                             
  • Outdoor Patios