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yellow display caseMarketing Services

University Centers can help student organizations and campus departments looking to promote upcoming events. On average, more than 33,000 people come through Price Center daily. Take advantage of our free marketing services around the student union to help boost your program or event.

Services are offered at no charge; promoted events must be open to ALL UC San Diego students.




Colorful, eye-catching banners can help boost awareness of campus events!

Campus organizations are permitted to create and hang banners at Price Center if they: 

  • Promote a campus event that is open to all students
  • Contain at least one upcoming date
  • Clearly identify the sponsoring organization 


Banner Policies:

  • Banners must not be weighted with heavy objects (i.e. rolled newspaper, aluminum cans, etc.) In the past they have fallen and caused injuries.
  • Only one banner per event may be posted.
  • Banner space is first-come, first-served.
  • Banners may hang for no more than 2 weeks.
  • Only 1 banner per event or organization may be hung in the Price Center Plaza and Price Center Atrium during any given time period.

 Banners in Price Center Plaza:

  • May be attached with string, rope, or plastic zip ties (no tape) from all level 2 and 3 railings facing the Plaza (EXCEPT IN FRONT OF THE BOOKSTORE).
    • The UCSD Bookstore is not a department of the University Centers and they manage their own exterior storefronts.
    • They do not permit banners or flyers to be posted within 12-inches of their exterior walls without their permission.

 Banners in Price Center Atrium:

  • Banners may be attached with string, rope, or plastic zip ties (no tape) on the level 2 railing along the east railing (same side as Cross-Cultural Center) and south railing (same side as The Loft).
  • Banners may hang no lower than the railing metal mesh, (6-feet).

If your banner does NOT meet the criteria listed above but you would still like us to consider, please complete the form below. Otherwise, banners can be hung without approval if they adhere to the polices listed above.

Banner Exception Form 


Read Approved Posting Policies 



Digital Announcements

Campus departments and organizations are encouraged to use Digital Announcements to help promote their events and activities.  Digital Announcements are displayed throughout Price Center on the Price Center Plaza Marquee and 20+ TV Monitors throughout level 1 of Price Center.

Price Center Plaza Marquee is a 40' state of the art video billboard that lights up the plaza. For best readability, use 7 words or less in your messaging. This service is a great way to supplement  your other marketing and outreach efforts.

Price Center TV Monitors are screens strategically placed  throughout Price Center, broadcasting each announcement for 10-20 seconds, multiple times throughout the day.  Create your own video ad and submit.  Email with any questions. 

Display Cases

display caseDisplay cases throughout Price Center are available for student organizations and departments to promote their special events and programs.

Displays must promote an event or program that is open to all students. See the Display Case Application to learn more.  




Event Calendar

Want to reach all regsitered students? Over 44,000 students!?!

Submit your registered student organization event or campus-wide department event today! Once approved, ads automatically appear on the Virtual Student Union homepage, as well as the UC San Diego mobile app. In addition, the weekly Student Events Insider newsletter highlights events and links to the home page of the Virtual Student Union, driving even more traffic to check out all the events happening on campus. SUBMIT EVENT

Virtual Table Tents


University Centers has created a virtual Table Tent program, enabling a more sustainable and contactless user experience. QR Codes located on dining tables direct to a virtual table tent web page where event ads will be posted along with activities and in the future, vendor deals and promotions. There are more than 200 tables in Price Center and table tent ads are a great marketing channel for campus organizations and departments to get the word out about their events! A free service.

Table tents will be displayed for one (1) week and should be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled reservation week.

 Approved Table Tents will be: 

  • From recognized campus organizations and departments (e.g. registered student organizations, academic programs and campus departments).
  •  On-campus activities or events open to all students.
  •  Informative, courteous, accurate, fair and not defamatory. 
    University Centers reserves the right to edit announcements.

 Announcements CANNOT promote:

  • Alcohol, drugs, sex or tobacco
  • Personal announcements, classified ads, or non-UCSD affiliated companies (e.g., car sales, apartment rentals, etc.)
  • Partisan political purposes (e.g., political parties or candidates).
  • Regular reoccurring events for student organizations (e.g., general body meetings).
  • Fundraisers of any kind.

Request Table Tent Service



postersPosters around the student union are a great way for everyone to see what's happening! 

Campus organizations are welcome to post flyers around Price Center and Student Center, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Posters on display around the student union must be associated with a campus event, open to all students, contain at least one upcoming date, and identify the name of the sponsoring campus organization. 


Follow postering rules: 

  • Only use blue painter's tape 
  • Post only on unpainted cement pillars or designated posting boards
  • Don’t post over another poster or move any to make room for yours
  • Maximum of 11-inches by 17-inches in size


Places where posting is not permitted: 

  • Bookstore: within 12’ of the UCSD Bookstore or Sunshine Store
    exterior walls
  •  Landscaping: Ground, trees, grass (no staked flyers or banners),
    or planters
  • Building Surfaces: Marble (beige) walls, glass, stucco, or painted
  • Fixtures: Lights, drinking fountains, surfaces adjacent to water
    fountains, Plaza concrete circle-stage, awnings, or stairway railings
  • Furniture: Tables, chairs, trash cans, ash cans, or recycling bins



  • All flyers/posters inside or around the Price Center are removed every Sunday by 3:00pm by the University Centers Custodial Services staff, (with the exception of Associated Students Programming and University Events Office cloth banners, which are excluded from this weekly removal procedure.)
  • Anything posted in unauthorized areas or causing a potential safety hazard will be removed.
  • Organizations should remove all posters within 48 hours after the associated event, in accordance with UCSD Posting Policies.
  • University Centers is not responsible for maintaining or securing flyers or banners.