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Lost & Found

Lost and found items in Price Center or Student Center can be turned in and claimed at either the Event Services & Reservations Desk or Open Desk, both located in Price Center. 

The Event Services & Reservations Desk is located on Level 3 of Price Center. Open Desk is located just off Library Walk on Level 2 of the Price Center. A Price Center map is available here.

All lost and found items turned into University Centers are logged into the campus-wide system. Through the system, if your item has been found, the University Centers staff will be able to help you locate where the item is held currently.

Submit a claim for lost items

Submitting a claim is the fastest and easiest way to find out if your item has been found, or create a ticket in case the item is found at a later date. Claims submitted through the online portal will search both University Centers and Gilman Service Center Lost & Found databases. 

All found items held by University Centers are turned over to UC San Diego’s primary Lost & Found location, Gilman Service Center, every Thursday.