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Currently Seeking Student Leaders for 2024/25 Chair & Vice Chair positions




The University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) is a student-chaired, student-majority board. Its purpose is to ensure unification amongst students, faculty, and staff through the resources offered at University Centers— the Price Center, Student Center and satellite facilities. This includes social and cultural intellectual activities as well as other services that provide opportunities to broaden interpersonal relationships and self-enhancement within a large university. Participating on UCAB provides students with an opportunity to influence how the student union will evolve to better serve future students. 

UCAB meets weekly during the academic year. Meetings are open to the public and begin with a brief Public Input period so general students can share their opinions.

Student board members serve a minimum one-year term and may work on standing or ad-hoc committees related to budget, space allocation, vendor selection, facilities planning, and more.

UCAB board members 2023-2024UCAB members with University Centers Executive Director

UCAB Charter

The University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) assures that University Centers serves as a unifying force among students, faculty and staff for social, cultural, intellectual activities, and services.

Read the UCAB Charter


2020-2021 UCAB Board Members on Zoom









UCAB 2020-2021

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UCAB 2019-2020

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UCAB 2018-2019

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UCAB 2016-2017