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Tech Fee Subsidy

 All CSI-registered student organizations are eligible to apply for a tech fee subsidy (up to $500 per organization, per academic year), but not all events are guaranteed funding.

General Information

The University Centers Advisory Board (UCAB) reviews requests to waive all or partial tech fees for CSI-registered student organization events that take place during the academic year (fall, winter, and spring quarters) and are held within Price Center or Student Center. Events held at the Student Services Center, Library Walk, Town Square, Matthews Quad or other campus locations are not eligible to receive tech fee subsidies.

The tech fee subsidy program aligns with the mission and goals of University Centers. The program  is intended to support student organizations that have applied for, and exhausted, other funding sources, yet are unable to meet their event budgets.

UCAB encourages events which foster the UC San Diego Principles of Community.

UCAB recommends having free events, open to all undergraduates and graduates at UC San Diego, and engage both alumni and the San Diego community. As events bring participants to University Centers, UCAB favors those lasting more than three hours during operating hours, and events which take place after 4pm or on the weekends.

In addition, to increase the profile of the Student Center, UCAB favors events that take place in the Student Center. Finally, being part of a public university celebrating academics and service, UCAB would look favorably upon events that are fundraisers or educational in nature such as conferences and lectures.

Every CSI student organization receiving a tech fee subsidy from University Centers, as approved by UCAB, will be required to acknowledge University Centers’ support/sponsorship on all marketing materials.

Application Process Checklist

  1. Ensure you have investigated other funding sources for your event.

  2. Secure a copy of the official University Centers A/V Tech Services quote for your event.

  3. Complete the Tech Fee Subsidy Online Application (below). Please complete all fields in this form as accurately as possible.

  4. You must meet with the Vice Chair of UCAB in person or online (Skype or other video-call media) to discuss your request. You must bring the following materials to the in-person meeting or submit them via email to at least 24 hours before the online meeting:

• Copy of the University Centers tech fee services estimate
• Copy of your event budget
• Sample of marketing materials with recognition of support from University Centers
Sample text options:
1. With support from University Centers
2. This project/event is funded in part by University Centers.
3. Project/event contributers/sponsors include <list of sponsors>, University Centers
Sample flyer with text 

Please Note:
UCAB cannot approve tech fee subsidies for events that have already occurred. You are encouraged to submit your online request at least three weeks prior to your event, and to meet with the UCAB Vice Chair at least two weeks prior to your event; the exception is the first three weeks of fall quarter. UCAB will grant tech fee subsidies only after it has held its first meeting of the academic year.