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Event Services & Reservations

The University Centers’ Event Services team is here to support Students Organizations, UC San Diego Departments, and Off-campus groups with all of their event needs! 

We offer a variety of meeting and events spaces and provide comprehensive event planning to help execute your event! We assist in hosting events ranging in size from 10 to 1200 persons. Events vary from conferences, seminars, workshops and concerts to meetings or informational tabling. 

Located in the center of campus at Price Center, the University Centers Event Services staff can assist you in these areas:

Facility Reservations for:

Price Center, Student Center, Student Services Center, Library Walk, Matthews Quad, and Town Square

Our Pre-Event Services:

Facility reservations, event planning & management, and audio/visual planning and support

Our Day-Of Support:

Set-up of tables and chairs, audio visual equipment and staffing, crowd management, trash-removal, and more

Everything you need to start planning your event:

Event Services & Reservations Desk

We have all of the resources that Registered Student Organizations, UC San Diego Departments, and Off-Campus Groups need to make reservations, plan events, and more.

Our team can help you with:

Starting Fall Quarter 2023, our staff at Open Desk in Price Center will also be offering all of these same services in addition to still providing the study and work spaces!


Event Services & Reservations Desk

Location: Price Center East, Level 3

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday/Sunday: Closed


Phone: (858) 534-ROOM (7666)

Open Desk

Location: Price Center West, Level 2 (just off Library Walk)

Monday - Friday: 8am - 11pm
Saturday/Sunday: 10am-8pm


Event Planning Guide

Your step-by-step guide to planning any meeting or event with University Centers.


Timeline for Events

A detailed, visual timeline of the reservation and event planning with University Centers


Event Planning Resources

A comprehensive database of resources, links, and forms that any event planner would need during the event planning process.

Event Planning Resources

This section is designed to serve as a resource for Registered Student Organizations and UC San Diego Departments on how to plan events on the UC San Diego campus. In an effort to create a consistent event planning experience, this resource is designed to equip beginners to advanced event planners with the tools and information needed to execute a successful event. While this section includes a large amount of information and resources, it is not all-encompassing and consultation with your University Centers Event Coordinator is strongly encouraged.

Alphabetical List of Links

Accessibility Event Planning Guide

Alcohol at Events (for all University Centers Events, list Adam Weaver as the Facility Manager)

Campus Events & Activities Portal

Campus Map

Classroom Space Request Form

Credit Card Payment to University Centers

Crowd Manager Requirements for Events (PDF)

Directions to Price Center

Event Rentals & Services

Event Safety Checklist Tool

Event & Activities Intake Form

Expenses for UC San Diego Department Events and Meetings

Facilities Management Recharge Rates 

Facilities Management Work Order (Necessary for Matthews Quad, Town Square, and other events as advised by your Event Manager)

Film Screenings & Public Performance Rights (PPR)

Regents Policy 5402 states all full-service catering performed on-campus must be performed by UC San Diego Catering. In the event UC San Diego Catering cannot perform the services, you must receive approval from Labor Relations before hiring an outside catering company to perform service.

To request Labor Relations review and approval, please complete and submit the Rationale for Contracting Covered Services form. Should you have any questions, please contact Labor Relations directly.

Registered Student Organizations

Risk Management - Special Events 

Parking | Special Events

Performance Agreements - A performance agreement is a specialized contract between the University and an Artist or non-UCSD Speaker.

Student Life Business Office Fund Managers

Temporary Food Permits

Triton Activities Planner (TAP)

UC San Diego Calendar of Events

UC San Diego Catering

UC San Diego General Liability Waiver

UC San Diego Policy 510 - Use of University Properties

University Centers Emergency Procedures (PDF)

University Centers Marketing Services

University Centers Posting Policy (PDF)


Still have questions about planning your event with University Centers? We have more answers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make a reservation for my event or meeting with University Centers?

What's the difference between 'reservation' and 'event' time?

  • Reservation time is the total time a meeting or event space is held. This includes any time needed for University Centers to setup or teardown following the event.

  • Event time is the start and end time of the meeting or event. This time is usually what is advertised to attendees or participants, and is used to populate the time on the room signage. 

  • Clients should work with the University Centers Event Coordinator to communicate the time that access is needed into the venue.

Can my group have access to my confirmed event space prior to my reservation time?

  • No, University Centers is not able to guarantee early access to the space, as the room may be in use by other clients or still in the process of being set up by University Centers staff.

  • We encourage clients to include set up and clean up time when submitting a request. In general, access can be granted to event spaces 2 hours prior to the event start time and 15 minutes prior to the start time for meeting rooms. If early access on the day of the event is possible, rental fees may apply or an additional day towards the maximum of 4 reservations may be required. 

What is included with my reservation with University Centers?

  • Visit our Room Guide for more information about what is included in each venue. Tables, chairs, staging are all generally included in your reservation. Limited setup types will require rental equipment. 

  • Many of our meeting rooms have built-in, self-serve audiovisual equipment that is free of charge.

Can my reservation extend beyond building hours?

  • All access before or after building hours must be requested and  approved three (3) weeks in advance and incurs a building overtime fee. This fee pays for University Centers staff to be onsite and for the extended use of utilities and facilities. 

 Do I need to pick up a key for my room?

  • A room key will not be needed. University Centers staff will unlock the room for you prior to your event. We encourage clients to verify the event time indicated on the confirmation. Clients who have access issues can call the House Managers at 858.967.5357

Is there a Green Room available for my event?

  • The Price Center’s West Ballroom and East Ballroom each have a Green Room, which can be included on your reservation for your event.

  • Check the Green Rooms page for a description and list of the amenities offered in each room.

 Is WiFi available for my event guests?

 Do you take credit cards?

  • Payments for Registered Student Organizations should be made through the Student Life Business Office.

  • Payments for UC San Diego Departments should be made through the department's chart of accounts.

  • For Non-Affiliated events, University Centers accepts all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Payments can be made here.

 Can University Centers store items for me until my event date?

  • Due to space and storage constraints, University Centers is unable to receive items in advance of your event date and we are unable to retain items awaiting post-event shipment. 

  • University Centers is unable to sign for receipt of shipments on behalf of the client and does not accept responsibility for items that are shipped to us or items that are left behind. 

I'd like to put up a poster/sign for my event. How can you help?

  • More information on the University Centers’ posting policy can be found here.
Are there preferred vendors for Price Center or the Student Center?

What are some of the types of equipment and services that the University Centers Technical Services team offers?

  • Visit our Technical Services page which offers a quick breakdown of many of our services. We have a wide variety of equipment with a talented staff. If you don’t see the service you are interested in, please email and see if our team can help you as not all services are listed.

How do I request University Centers Tech Services?

What is the process for showing a film, movie, or video at my event on campus?

  • Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the legal rights to publicly show a film or video and must be obtained for your event.If you do not obtain rights for your screening, you may be illegally screening the film.  If a film is under copyright and you want to screen it, you must get the copyright owner’s approval. Visit the UC San Diego’s Library for more information on Public Performance Rights.

Can I rent some of the University Center's portable equipment for an event in another building?

  • The primary venues our team services are Price Center and the Student Center. We secondarily focus on spaces managed by University Centers such as the Student Services Centers and various outdoor locations.  When available we offer a broad range of event production and technical support services for events that take place on the UC San Diego campus as well. 

  • For security and liability reasons, University Centers does not rent any of its equipment for use in other campus buildings without our staff being on-site. 

Contact Us

Meet our Event Services team and connect directly with them.


University Centers Marketing Services

Marketing Services

University Centers can help student organizations and campus departments looking to promote upcoming events. On average, more than 33,000 people come through Price Center daily. Take advantage of our free marketing services around the student union to help boost your program or event.

Services are offered at no charge; promoted events must be open to ALL UC San Diego students.

Marketing services


Request a Tour of Event or Meeting Space

Tour Information

Thank you for your interest in a Price Center or Student Center tour at UC San Diego! 

We are able to show you any specific room you are interested in touring in either space. Please note, tours will be exclusively to see the room(s) in-person -if you are looking to discuss specific event details, you should coordinate an event planning meeting with your Event Coordinator instead of a tour. 

Your tour will be hosted by our Reservation & Event Process Manager or one of the other University Centers’ Event Services team members.

For detailed information about each room, you can also visit our Meeting & Event Spaces which offers photos, diagrams, and in-room amenities of each space.

Requesting a Tour and Tour Times

Tours are conducted Monday through Wednesday from 10:00am – 4:00pm. All tours will be scheduled based on the availability of the team and room(s) you’d like to see. 

Please allow three (3) business days for the processing of a tour request prior to receiving correspondence to arrange for and confirm a tour.

To request a tour, please email the following information to with the subject “Tour Request”.

  • Your Full Name

  • Organization or Department Hosting Potential Event

  • Your Email

  • Cell Phone Number

  • Room(s) you’d like to see

  • At least 3 days/times that you’d be available to conduct the tour

Client Feedback

Client Feedback

Please feel free to complete this short survey to provide us feedback from your experience with University Centers Event Services.

Whether you have something you’d like to see us improve or you want to recognize one of our team members who did an outstanding job and you want to make sure they are recognized - we want to hear from you!

Provide Feedback

Please feel free to reach out to the Assistant Director of Event Services, Adam Weaver, at if you have any concerns or questions you would like immediately addressed.