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Before Submitting a Request

  • University Centers’ Event Management System (EMS) requires a login to request meeting and event space. Logins can be requested online.

  • Review the request timelines. Requests for spaces may be submitted:

    • Registered Student Organizations – 6 months prior to event date

    • UC San Diego Departments – 1 academic quarter in advance

    • Non-Affiliated/Off-Campus – 6 weeks prior to event date

  • Reservations must be requested at least three (3) days in advance for meeting rooms / tabling spaces or twenty-one (21) days in advance for event spaces.

    • Please allow for up to three (3) days to review event space requests.

    • For Registered Student Organizations, a TAP with a tentative reservation must be started at least at least twenty-one (21) days in advance. Web Requests cannot start a TAP.

    • Please note that technical services requests must be submitted at least twenty-one (21) days in advance.
  • Ensure you have all necessary details about your event such as: date(s), times, location, any setup requirements, any audio visual needs, and UC San Diego Departments will need a COA (Project/Task) .

Submitting a Reservation Request

  • Registered Student Organizations & UC San Diego Departments should submit a request online using EMS. Users can now submit up to four (4) reservations at one time. First time users must create an account. We currently do not accept reservations over email, phone, or in-person. All requests will be sent to our team to review and process. Please allow for up to three (3) days to review requests.

  • Non-Affiliated Organizations looking to request space should click here to inquire about space availability.


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