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Currently seeking student employees for various positions.


Search Handshake by job# (some may have been filled):

  • #5034240  Custodial Bussing Assistant STDT 3
  • #5034361  Custodial Building Attendant Assistant STDT 3
  • #5000424  House Manager STDT 3
  • #5026169  Junior Events Coordinator STDT 3
  • #5014892  Marketing - Video Net Systems Coordinator (In Training) STDT 3
  • #5007221  Operations - Technical Assistant STDT 3
  • #5000683  Starbucks Barista STDT 3

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UCEN staff

Join our vibrant team of more than 250 professionals and student staff members! University Centers is dedicated to helping Tritons enjoy their campus, find places to belong, and create fond memories of UC San Diego! 

Become part of a team that delivers excellent service, programs, and facilities for the UC San Diego community!

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