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UC San Diego Departments


Any UC San Diego campus department, office, division, or academic unit. 

Available Spaces

  • Event & Meeting locations: Price Center, Student Center, and Student Services Center
  • Outdoor locations: Matthews Quad, Town Square, Student Center Courtyard, and the Hump
  • Tabling location: Library Walk

General Terms

  • UC San Diego Departments may request space for events or meetings up to one (1) academic quarter in advance.

  • Meeting rooms cannot be reserved as classrooms on a regularly scheduled basis. 

  • Reservations must be for meetings or events directly related to the sponsoring department.

  • University Centers reserves the right to modify space requests in order to serve the greatest number of programs and activities.

  • A maximum of four (4) room or space reservations per organization are allowed on the books at one time for Price Center and the Student Center combined (not including Price Center Dance Studio).  

  • A maximum of four (4) room or space reservations per organization are allowed on the books at one time for the Student Services Center.  

  • A maximum of four (4) room or space reservations per organization are allowed on the books at one time for Library Walk. 

  • A maximum of four (4) room or space reservations per organization are allowed on the books at one time for Price Center Dance Studio. 

Before Submitting a Request

  • Ensure you have all necessary details about your event such as: date(s), times, location, any setup requirements, any audio visual needs, and UC San Diego Departments will need a COA (Project/Task) .

Submitting a Request

  • UC San Diego Departments have two options:

    • Submit a request online using EMSMost requests should be submitted using this methodThis is the fastest and easiest way to make a reservation request or see what spaces are available. All requests will be sent to our team to review and process. These requests will receive first priority when processing. 

    • For multi-day or multi-room event request, submit a University Centers Reservation Inquiry Form. Please note, this form should only be used for multi-day or multi-room event requests. This form will be sent to our team to review. You will not be able to see what spaces are available with this submission and space is not held for your organization during the review process.

  • Please allow for at least 2 business days for reservation processing for meeting spaces and at least 3 business days for programming space requests.

  • As a reminder, it is important to remember that all reservation requests are not final until a confirmation from University Centers has been received. Do not advertise an event location or time until a confirmation has been sent to you from a University Centers team member.

Cancellation Policy

If you have any changes, additions, or need to cancel your reservation, please email at least one (1) business day in advance for meeting rooms and three (3) business days in advance for program space to avoid possible late fees. 

A “no show” applies to all groups who fail to cancel confirmed reservations within the appropriate time frame and the room is set and no one (including the sponsors) shows up for the event.

Minimum charges for late cancellations, late changes, and no shows will be applied. 


UC San Diego Catering maintains the first right of refusal for all food and beverage at events/meetings in Price Center designated programming spaces. 

UC San Diego Departments must follow Regents Policy 5402 for all catering at events.

For events/meetings in Price Center designated meeting rooms only (does not include the Forum): if you plan to have food & beverage, and the amount is less than $350, you may now opt to use a Price Center food outlet to cater your event. If the amount spent is equal to or greater than $350, UC San Diego Catering maintains the first right of refusal. Please note that we do not provide linens.

UC San Diego Departments that choose to prepare their own food, have pick-up or drop-off of food, bring in an outside caterer, or have alcohol at their event must obtain all necessary approvals and provide the proper health and insurance certificates.

University Centers has the exclusive right to all concessions within the Price Center.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship is defined as a joint programming venture between a UC San Diego Department, Registered Student Organization, or an off-campus group/individual given that the following conditions are met:

  • No UC San Diego Department may reserve space on behalf of another group. Groups may not sell, sublease or transfer their reservation to another group.

  • UC San Diego Departments may not act as agents for Registered student organizations or off-campus persons or organizations in order to receive reduced rates for space and services.

  • The reserving UC San Diego must be the primary organizer/planner of the event. Any fees for space and services must be incurred by the reserving organization.

  • In co-sponsoring with a Registered Student Organization, the co-sponsoring student organization must be involved from the start of the initial reservation. While a student organization can be added later in the planning process, all existing departmental guidelines and pricing for the event will continue to apply.

  • If during the planning process, one organization is no longer connected to the event, the pricing structure for the event will revert to the remaining organizations’ rate structure.

  • Registered Student Organizations may not utilize Town Square as part of a co-sponsored event with a UC San Diego Department.

Payment & Billing Structure

All UC San Diego departments will be charged a facility fee for the use of program spaces. Charges for program space shall be assessed in accordance with the current price structure.  Charges associated with extending building hours, use of certain audio-visual equipment, special services, and labor/staff charges are the responsibility of the UC San Diego Department.

Payment for space rental fees, technical service fees, and other charges will be processed through the UC San Diego chart of account system. All UC San Diego Departments must provide a Project & Task number at the time of reservation, including reservations that are not expected to have any associated costs to account for any potential charges. 

Please see our Reservation Rates page for more details of daily space rental fees. Technical Services would be additional charges.

Additional Resources for Planning Events

Find everything you need to host your event or meeting with University Centers here.

For more detailed information on the UC San Diego Department reservation policies, please see University Centers Reservation Policies for UC San Diego Departments.