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Tech Services Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the answers to some of our most commonly asked audio visual questions!

Who can use our services?

  • Our services are available to anyone who needs support, including Registered Student Organizations, UC San Diego departments, and Non-affiliated / Off-campus organizations. 

Where do we provide services?

  • We primarily provide support at Price Center or the Student Center, or University Centers managed spaces (such as Student Services Center, Matthews Quad, and Town Square). When available we are able to provide support to other locations around the UC San Diego campus.

How do I request audio visual services?

How do I schedule a planning meeting with the Technical Services team?

  • You can either email or connect with your Event Coordinator who can advise who you will be your Technical Services contact.

Are there charges associated with our services?

  • Registered Student Organizations hosting events in Price Center or the Student Center generally will have free audio visual equipment at their event and will only be charged for any necessary labor. 
  • UC San Diego Departments and Non-Affiliated Organizations hosting events in Price Center or the Student Center will be charged for any audio visual equipment used as well as any necessary labor. We provide discounted rates to UC San Diego Departments. You can review our rates for our most common services on our Basic Rates page.
  • For all events occurring outside of the Price Center or the Student Center, there would be a recharge for all equipment and services we provide.  You can review our rates for our most common services on our Basic Rates page.

Can I reserve equipment without University Centers Tech Staff support?

  • No.  Equipment is not available for “self-pickup”. Our equipment is only available when our staff is also supporting the event.

What is the process for showing a film, movie, or video at my event on campus?

  • Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the legal rights to publicly show a film or video and must be obtained for your event.If you do not obtain rights for your screening, you may be illegally screening the film.  If a film is under copyright and you want to screen it, you must get the copyright owner’s approval. Visit the UC San Diego’s Library for more information on Public Performance Rights.

What are some of the types of equipment and services that the University Centers Technical Services team offers?

  • Visit our Technical Services page which offers a quick breakdown of many of our services. We have a wide variety of equipment with a talented staff. If you don’t see the service you are interested in, please email and see if our team can help you as not all services are listed.

Will I need to provide a laptop at my event?

  • University Centers Tech Services does not provide computers for events. Please plan to bring a laptop and an individual to operate the laptop if your event has any multimedia presentations.